This year’s London Short Film Festival goes out with a bang: a no-holds night of sound and vision showcasing the best in black female Afrofuturism from across the city.

There’ll be a live set from the brilliant poet-musician Xana, who brings together Blaxploitation, funk, dancehall, beatboxing, Afrofuturism and spoken-word culture into a loop-rich sound like nothing you’ve heard before.

Whilst Shannen SP is the co-curator of Corsica Studios’ experimental night “Ø,” and a longtime affiliate of the Hyperdub label, will be on hand for a typically unpredictable DJ set.

To open the evening, there will also be a selection of music videos from artists who’ve come to define the Afrofuturist aesthetic, from Missy Elliott to Janelle Monae.

There’ll be past, present and Afrofuture in one night – don’t miss it.

See our full festival line-up here, or see more about the London Short Film Festival here.