This show will be unapologetic and packed with loads of observational humour and personal anecdotes.

Esther Manito is a London-based stand up comedian who takes you on a whirlwind tour of what life is like for an Anglo/Lebanese mum of two…Esther is also a writer and has contributed to the publication Don’t panic I’m Islamic.

A lot of hair and a lot of talent
Beyond the Joke
An adept and assured performer

Don’t miss the support act, Funny Women Regional Finalist (London) 2017 and Max Turner Prize Finalist 2017, Moroccan British comedian Fatiha El-Ghorri!

Underneath Fatiha’s colourful hijab is a mind full of cutting observations and engaging witticism of the life and times of a British Muslim woman. Fatiha smashes the Muslim stereotypes and challenges people to think about what they think they know about Islam, Muslims, Muslim women especially. She tackles some tough subjects like Islamphobia and dating by sharing her own experiences which are funny, thought provoking and honest! /

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Esther’s stand-up accolades include: