And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. brings you two shows for the price of one!

Rubby Sucky Forge by Eve Stainton (premiere).
Something is being made in the forge. It becomes a feedback container and other things for swallowed tensions. The group are invited to work instinctively with a series of scaffolded intimacies and articulation of expression. Proximity, touch and consent allow relevant states to be explored sensitively and sometimes privately, and with you.

João Cidade presents While the Others Go Wild #4 (uk premiere).
A compilation of attempts to achieve something together… something greater than the sum of its parts. In difficult times replete with political uncertainties WtOGW develops an urgency to turn to the values of collaboration in the face of adversity. With every new iteration the work is informed by local performers, on this occasion, and for the first time – 5 Queer London performers. The work is reimagined through a lens of Queer family and community, collaboration being at the core of the devising process.

See: for more details on both performances.

it was wild
Local Suicide

Suitable for ages 16+

Please note: Shows may contain partial nudity / @andwhatfest / @andwhatfest / And What Fest

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