In this months Café, Dash Arts will screen Tony Gatlif‘s musical love letter to Europe’s Roma communities –Latcho Drom

Made more than 25 years ago, it is a meticulously and beautifully crafted documentary examining the Romany culture and traditions across Europe with a stunning music score.

There will be a post-film conversation with members of the UK Roma communities and academics, exploring what life is like today for Roma across Europe.

unlike any film you will have seen

Latcho Drom (Safe Journey)

Details: 1993, France, Cert PG, 103 mins

Direction: Tony Gatlif

Summary: Meticulously crafted documentary examining the Romany culture and traditions around the world, opening in the summer and concluding the following spring. Tony Gatlif’s film compares and contrasts the rituals of Romanys from as far apart as India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Spain, France, Hungary and Slovakia – seeing how the community interacts and how singing and dancing are such an integral part of the Romany way of life.

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 Image credit: Tony Gatlif, courtesy of KG Productions