What is Europe? Starting from ancient, historical, and contemporary myths we go in search of European identity and the role that theatre has played in forming it.

The rape of Europa, 12 gold stars and Turks at the gates of Vienna…the Greeks, the Passion, the Renaissance, and Brecht. Behind the present lies the past and behind the past lie the myths.

With special guest Timothy Garton Ash and Margherita Laera, we explore the dramatic legends and legendary dramas that give us our sense of Europe today.

Expect illuminating conversation hosted by director Tim Supple and dramaturg Katie Ebner-Landy, and exquisite music from Greek lyra and laouto duo Bonnendis, all delivered with the usual Dash Arts swagger.

“One might think that the notion of Europe would have been thoroughly discredited, first by imperialism and racism, and then by the imperatives of multi-national capitalism. In fact, it has not.” Susan Sontag

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Suitable for ages 16+