Edition #08: Data!

How are artists working with data to create stories and experiences at a scale or pace not seen before? From new ways of communicating with the machines to granular, real time interaction that puts audiences in the middle of a shifting story. Join us for an evening of inspiring talks, hands-on demos, drinks and discussion featuring the following:


  • Alison Killing – TED Fellow and WIRED Creative Fellow on Migration Trail, mapping data and telling stories in real time.

  • Aste Amundsen – pioneer in immersive festival environments on using data to augment live interaction between actor and audience.

  • Naho Matsuda – artist and multidisciplinary designer on open data as poetry artwork, every thing every time


  • Prototype Cultural Probes from the Connected Places Catapult/Make Associates

  • A Symphony of Blockchain VR piece from Scott Darby/IOHK

  • The Personalisation Station from Aste Amundsen

Produced by @samhoweynunn and @thoughtben