The evening kicks off with a talk on Diwan and Issawa music and traditions given by Dr Tamara Turner, an ethnomusicologist specialising in North African popular Islam, trance rituals.

The night will be a Sufi ceremony, showcasing the mystical sounds and rhythms of Issawa & Diwan, strands of Sufism from Constantine in East Algeria. With rhythms building up to a crescendo carried by Redha Boudebagh‘s majestic voice, accompanied by his Mondole, Oud and the drums & Bendir, the night will take you on a mystical journey with fast rhythms and warm African sounds you won’t resist.

Redha is a traditional Issawa song prodigy, who grew up with the greatest Sufi masters from the region of Constantine in Algeria.

To end the night, DJ Afrokazbah – dub digital groove with Sufi cultural and spiritual trans world music.

Afroculturama / @AfroCulturama

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