In Spring 2020, The Theatre Courtyard Gallery will open it’s doors and put on public display the archaeological remains of The Theatre, one of the first Elizabethan playhouses ever built and early home to Shakespeare and his Company. Some of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays, like Romeo and Juliet, were first performed on The Theatre’s stage. The exhibition space will not only feature the real remains of the playhouse, but also bring together a unique collection of 16th century objects revealing the rich textures of everyday Elizabethan life, with a particular focus on the theatrical history of Shoreditch and those who lived there.

As a sneak preview of what’s to come, everyone is invited along to Dramatic Discoveries: Recreating The Theatre, an exhibition highlighting artworks made by year 4 students from nearby Columbia School, as part of the Dramatic Discoveries outreach programme inspired by objects from the site of The Theatre.

The exhibition launches on Thu 18 July, 2-5pm for schools, teachers and families, with an evening reception for adults from 6-8pm.

Later in the summer, join us on Sat 24 August as we present activities for all ages as part of the Shake it Up! Festival taking place across Shoreditch.

In partnership with The Theatre Courtyard Gallery, MOLA, Art Hoppers and working with Columbia School.

Image © Pau Ros, Art Hoppers / @ArtHoppers /arthoppersnews / arthoppers

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