See Kantor’s legacy through film, performance and conversation

In this Dash Café, we celebrate Tadeusz Kantor: Polish theatre director, set designer, painter, performer, art theoretician and teacher whose work shaped contemporary theatre as we know it.

Kantor’s expressionist and surrealist work was revolutionary in the 20th century and he became known for art actions and ‘happenings’; performance and works of art that took place in galleries and theatres and challenged the boundaries between audience and performer.

A painter working in theatre, Kantor’s experimental and radical work became a major influence for artists like Joseph Beuys (whom Kantor worked closely with), choreographer Pina Bausch and theatre company Complicité, among others.

He appeared as both commentator and director; raucous and emotional, creating deep pieces that arose from the oppressive darkness of WW2 and communist Poland from the 1950s onwards.

See Kantor’s legacy through film, performance and conversation with filmmaker Duncan Ward, who will share never before screened footage of Kantor and his work alongside his short film Kantor (1987), Natalia Zarzecka, Director of Cricoteka (Centre for Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor) in Krakow, Puppeteer Nenagh Watson, who worked with Kantor himself, and Dr Mischa Twitchin, who teaches courses on Polish Theatre at Goldsmiths University.

With Kinoteka – Polish Film Festival.


Dash Arts creates artistic experiences that challenge the way we see the world in collaboration with exceptional international artists. This café is part of Dash Arts’ EUTOPIA season, exploring what it means to be European. Expect live music, short films and performance alongside insightful conversation about the countries who revolted and joined the EU, just as we face leaving it.


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