Play Up! wants you to misbehave, have fun and do it your way.

Families are invited to personalise familiar games in an all out drawing rebellion.

Who said ‘Hang Man’ was boring? With ‘Fashionista Hang Man,’ the addition of a pair of glitter platforms might just change things! Imagine a live portrait based ‘Guess Who?’

Capture the unique personality of friends or family and add them to the community of faces to give a new look to this classic game.

Or try your hand at a mind bending 3D ‘Pictionary’ and let the story speak in volumes! Whatever you choose, have fun, be playful and leave your mark in style!

We’re excited that this family workshop is part of the international initiate The Big Draw – the world’s biggest drawing festival! / / @ArtHoppers / @playPATH / @playtowerhamlets