Lose yourself in stories as you journey around meeting giants, dragons and wizards.

The StoryWalks will be taking place on Sat 10 Apr and Sun 11 Apr. The walk will take 30 – 45 minutes.

Sat 10 AprThe Ring of Joy by Vanessa Woolf

A funny and enchanting audio story which will lead you around local landmarks in Shoreditch and Arnold Circus. Based on a story from China, journey with Cat and Dog to find Tiān’s magic ring! Start your adventure at Camlet Street (underneath the big tree in the garden), put on some headphones, press play and let the magical story transport you!

Sun 11 AprThe Clumsy Scottish Giant by Niall Moorjani

Join Niall Moorjani for the delightful tale of “The Clumsy Scottish Giant”. Written and narrated by Niall, the story follows the adventure of Angus Mchamish. A kindly giant who has been banished from the giant community for being too kind and clumsy. When Angus spots a dragon falling from a starry night sky he knows he needs to help save them and sets of on an adventure of whimsy and wonder. It’s a story full of slapstick, silliness and kindness in equal measure. Begin your journey outside the Rich Mix building on Redchurch Street, facing the colourful Camille Walala Mural. Be prepared to travel far and wide in the name of good deeds.

You only need to book one ticket per family.

Walk Information:

The StoryWalks are self-guided, so all you’ll need is yourself, your family and your smartphone! Headphones or earbuds are recommended but not essential.

You will receive a digital copy of the trail map via email.

A link to the audio file containing the stories will be sent to you at 10am on the day/s that you have booked for, but feel free do the walk at any time during that day!

Adults must accompany their children at all times and are responsible for their safety.

While this has been created as an audio piece, for access purposes we can provide a transcript of the walk which can be used alongside the map to experience the piece. Please email marketing@richmix.org.uk with your booking reference and we will send this to you.

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