Expect live music from Barcelona-based KARAMBA, alongside some special guest spoken word & theatrical performances for a little taste of what’s to come over the course of the festival.

KARAMBA are a multicultural group who have joined forces with a shared goal of reclaiming the role of women through their commitment to music. Having walked different paths in life, their stories of migration, motherhood and musical heritage come together as the sounds of son, cha-cha, boogaloo, timba, salsa, rap and hip hop meld together to create something altogether new, different and powerful.

This show is presented by FLAWA (Festival of Latin American Women in Arts). Showcasing and promoting new artistic trends and expressions from different latitudes of the Latin-American culture, FLAWA intends to open a space for self-identifying women with a Latin American background to reclaim their narratives through a variety of artistic expressions.

Alongside Karamba, we present complementary performances:

Pepa Duarte aka Señorita Rita – A fierce Peruvian drag queen who challenges what being Latina is all about through comedy and dance.

100 Years – A short teaser version of Popelei theatre’s radical re-imagining of Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, told with bold physicality and sharp humour.

Andrea Spisto: Miss Venezuela – An anarchic, joyful, personal and political cabaret confessional explosion. A performance art provocation, a wild, vulnerable, fierce carnival of raw emotional freedom with high cut leotards and liberated pubic hair! Honest to the teeth, under-the-skin fun.

Special offer: Joint ticket for Authors Q&A & Opening Fiesta

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