11AM: Black Yogis
We know how you love your Saturday stretching. This space is for QTIPOC and friends to come together to connect through the practice of yoga. This peer-led class will be an open-level introduction, so will cater for all levels of experience. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.

1PM: Cumming Together: Cis, Trans and Non-Binary People Talk About Having Better Sex
Having sex, or interested in having sex, with someone who doesn’t have a body like yours? This interactive, respectful and humorous panel discussion will respond to crowd-sourced questions including: How do I find a clit? What the heck do I do with a foreskin? Do I need to think about using birth control? What respectful terminology might I use for a partners’ genitals?

3PM: Rope-Bondage Masterclass
Join this interactive workshop to learn a handful of rope-ties that provide you with the foundations to express your own creativity during bondage sessions. This guided workshop will provide the opportunity to practice and to discover next steps in the art of rope-bondage play. This event is suitable for all queer adults, regardless of experience.

5PM: Fetish & Fashion: A Latex Love Story
From the bedrooms and back rooms of our hidden desires, to the runways of Paris and London, the worlds of Fetish and Fashion have developed a relationship like no other. In this interactive discussion we chart the hows and whys of the bondage breakthrough.

7PM: The Sauna Sessions
What’s it like to cruise in a sauna? Who is welcome, and who isn’t? Where else can we go if saunas don’t provide the space we need? This interactive multi-gender, multi-sexuality panel includes performance, discussion and go-to hints on cruising with respect, consent, and dignity.

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest have chosen to use reclaimed terms to promote their events. These terms may also feature in the events themselves, alongside explicit language.


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