11AM: Embodiment for Intimacy Workshop
Discover the profound power of connection and self-exploration in our embodiment for intimacy workshop. This is an invitation to explore our body-ody-odies using the somatic practices of breathwork and movement combined with mindfulness, to cultivate greater intimacy with ourselves and others.

Together we’ll deepen our self-awareness, increase our body literacy, and play. Please bring a sense of curiosity and your body.

1PM: Crocheting the Crotch
If you’ve attended previous Hubs, been to Frou-Frouing the Fanny or Felting the Flaps, you’ll know what to expect. Come and learn more about the genitals we have, and those we might experience – all through the art of embroidery.

We’ll provide all the materials you’ll need to quilt your quim, needlepoint your nads, or ornate your orifices. This workshop is suitable for all adults, regardless of genital type and flappage.

3PM: Traveller Pride
Let a thousand queernesses bloom: come and discuss how we can make queer spaces, services and activism more Traveller friendly, whilst learning to make traditional artificial flowers with Traveller Pride. All materials provided and no prior skills necessary.

5PM: Spanking Salon
Where to spank? How to spank? What to do and why do it at all? This session promises to be informative and fun, providing a playful insight into spanking. Regardless of how deep your interests lie, you’ll leave with new skills and an ignited appreciation for the joy of spanking. Come with a partner or meet a new friend.

6.30PM: Poofs Win Prizes – Round II
Think you know everything about queer film, music, sport, politics, health, and art? Well, think again! Asad Zafar returns with the quiz-hoster’s mic and quick-fire questions, picture puzzles, and team-tagging with a twist. Come in pairs, groups, or on your own – and leave with new best queer friends and a box full of poofy prizes!

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest have chosen to use reclaimed terms to promote their events. These terms may also feature in the events themselves, alongside explicit language.


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