With Tatenda Naomi Matsvai, Axel Kacoutie and Kojo Koram – as well as visuals from the Light Surgeons and some of the voices from the piece itself – this event transforms ‘Ghosts of Solid Air’ into a live performance.

More about the project:
An experiential Augmented Reality (AR) story for your phone, GHOSTS OF SOLID AIR takes you into a world of radical voices and shadows from across time.

On a journey from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament, you speak and they speak back – pressing through an invisible membrane with messages for you.

Through an encounter with those who have been pushed beyond their tipping point – this experience asks: where does disobedience come from?

Walk with the ghosts – and decide for yourself.

Programmed and launching as part of London Film Festival Expanded – you can download the app onto your phone at any time.


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