Virtuoso Bulgarian percussionist Lilia Iontcheva untangles the irregular time-signatures and hypnotic dance rhythms of East Europe and the Balkans.

Internationally celebrated professional musicians, born or bred into all major musical traditions worldwide, share their knowledge and expertise in free monthly masterclasses and workshops.  No auditions and new members always welcome!

GUYO members countries of origin include Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, India, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, South Africa, East Africa and China as well as London.

The range of instruments they play is therefore equally wide. In a typical Grand Union Youth Orchestra performance you’re likely to hear everything from oud, to Indian violin, to the double bass flute.

This masterclass explores the mystery and magic of Indian classical music and Bengali folk song. Led by Bangladeshi tabla maestro Yousuf Ali Khan.

Suitable for ages 12-26. / @grand_union