The glorious, melodious vocals of Congolese front-men Eugene Makuta and Iddo Donnatella blends with soaring guitars courtesy of Congolese guitar hero Mbokalia, rhythmic grooves from Chocolat and the lilting keyboards of Sara. All of this sits on top of the rhythmic powerhouse team of Michel on drums, Emeris on Congas and Elpidio on bass.

For this performance, Grupo Lokito have expanded their lineup to make their infectious rhythms even harder with blazing horns to accompany their blistering grooves and outlandish dance moves.

Since their formation in 2006 the band have gone from strength to strength, completing several UK tours and building a solid following. Grupo Lokito write their own original tunes: stories of life ranging from love tales, reflections on the trials musicians face trying to make a home away from home, the wisdom of the elders, and the simple joy of dancing.

In 2010 the band released their first CD Esengo Ya Ko Bina (“The Joy of Dancing“), capturing the vibrancy and spirit of their stage show. Grupo Lokito have been included in several compilation CDs including: Latin Beat on Putumayo (Aug 30 2011), Urban Africa on Cavendish Music (2010) and The Rough Guide to African Street Party on the World Music Network (2008).

In partnership with Joyful Noise Productions.

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Suitable for ages 16+

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