Open the box and step inside.

Climb into the eye of your imagination and let us transport you somewhere new. What can you hear? What do you feel? What can you smell? What can you taste?

Held is a multi-sensory experience of new music designed to take you on a journey within your own home, physically and imaginatively.

This is a magical journey for you and your bubble to venture on from within your own home. Held is child and family friendly.

To begin with you will receive a Journey Box containing a login to an online portal. Make sure you sign in to begin your experience and gather the directions you will need for your voyage.

We look forward to travelling with you.

You must purchase your tickets before 1 Oct for this experience. 

This event goes off sale on 1 Oct in order for your journey box to be prepared and delivered to your door.

Held is commissioned by Gulbenkian, Midland Arts Centre, Rich Mix, Concordia University and Future Arts Centres and is delivered with the generous support from Arts Council England. Delivered with additional venue partners: Wiltshire Creative and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.


How do I book my tickets?
You can book your tickets online through Rich Mix’s website. You can book 1 Journey Box per participating group with up to 6 participants.

Can I buy Held as a gift for someone else?

If booking for a third party, please call our box office on 020 7613 7498.

To send you your Journey Box, we need your correct postal address.

We need to make sure that you have provided us with the postal address for the place where you will be taking part in HELD, this is so that we can ensure that your Journey Box arrives safely to you. We require your email address to set up your unique login to the website (online Journey Portal) which will form the start of your experience. Your email address will not be used for any marketing purposes unless you sign up to the venue or the BitterSuite or Rich Mix mailing lists. If your postal or email address is incorrect you can change it by emailing

What will we provide you with?

You will receive a Journey Box in the post containing blindfolds, bespoke tastes and scents (an allergens and ingredients list will be included) plus a set of instructions for each participant. You will also receive an email from BitterSuite with your Journey Portal login.

What will you need?

You will need a kettle and mugs, your choice of milk or water, one large mirror or a small mirror per person, materials with which to make a den, e.g. cushions and blankets, stable internet, an audio playing device – preferably a set of speakers and a free Zoom account.

How will the performance work?

You will receive your Journey Box via post and your Journey Portal login via email before your chosen performance date. At your chosen performance time you will log on to the Journey Portal and from here you will be guided through a set of questions that will help to prepare you for the journey you are about to take. Next, you will follow the Zoom link and download the music to start your journey. We will be on hand via Zoom if you have any issues during your experience.

What do I do if I have booked HELD for another household?

If you have booked HELD for another household, please email with your order number, the intended recipients name, up to date email address and the postal address at which they will be attending the performance.

What precautions have been taken by BitterSuite to ensure that the Journey Box is Covid-19 safe?

We have consulted with a medical professional to ensure that the creation of the Journey Boxes is in-line with current guidelines. The boxes are being made and prepped by people wearing PPE, once your box has been completed it is sealed up and left for 72 hours before it is sent to the venue for dispatch to your home. We advise that when you receive your box that you wipe the exterior with a disinfectant wipe and then wash your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds, as is in line with the NHS advice. More information on NHS advice around Covid-19 can be found here.

For any queries about your tickets please email or call 020 7613 7498 For further information about the contents of your box or the show itself please email

About BitterSuite

BitterSuite was created to reimagine music experiences. We believe that music is a sensory experience; we listen, touch, taste, smell and move with it. We produce concerts and collaborate with others through The Lab to deliver workshops, talks and participations that explore our connection with music. Founded in 2014 by director and composer Stephanie Singer, and Somatic Practitioner Anna Pearce to explore and celebrate our sensory experience of the world and are transforming the experience of live music to deepen the way we listen. Collaborators include experts in the field of sound and the senses including Somatic Practitioners, Deaf-blind Community, Neurologists, Psychologists, Dancers, Composers, Music Ensembles, Perfumers, Chefs, and more. Our work includes Debussy’s String Quartet in G, Performing Sensory Immersion, The Sensory Score and Tapestries. Previous concert partners include Royal Opera House, Arnolfini, Vault Festival, Arcola Theatre, FutureFest and Rich Mix.