We’re thrilled to be joined by one of the most recognised street artists in the world STIK and his mentor, creative career coach, Sheila Chandra to discuss what action you can take to make your artist career thrive this year.

They’ll be sharing their top tips on boosting self-promotion, nurturing your creative well-being, budgeting and more!

In just 9 years east Londoner STIK has risen from being homeless to becoming a world-renowned artist producing work that now sells for tens of thousands of pounds and is exhibited internationally.

World Music pioneer Sheila Chandra was his mentor through this process. After writing a version of her book Organizing for Creative People just for STIK she recently published this guide for creatives everywhere.

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A with Sheila and STIK where artists can raise issues they’re facing and gain valuable support from our speakers and the Art Prize team.

Doors: 6.30pm
Start: 7pm
Q&A: 7.45pm
Networking: 8pm