Celebrate the vibrant scenes of techno, folktronic, global bass, house, trance and more – and the spectacular regional talent that is making it all happen.

Following Shubbak’s ground-breaking electronic showcase in 2017, Kahareb opens this year’s festival with an infectious late-night launch party.


Sama (aka Skywalker)
DJ and electronic music producer from Palestine playing techno, house, and other deeper sub-genres with a unique twist of her own.

Masterfully refining the distinct sound of Oriental Slow-House, Shkoon mixes Arabic scales, melodies and traditional folk songs with classical harmonic structures.

Producer and percussionist from Tunisia, Nuri, and one of the most promising upcoming musicians of African futurism, mixing deep bass, organic percussion with poly rhythmic grooves.

Produced by MARSM.

Straight outta Ramallah – Sama is the Palestinian DJ Taking Over the World


This event is suitable for ages 18*

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