In a nutshell

This play is a celebration of community activism and will be part of an artistic and social groundswell to end the Housing Crisis. Housing is a mental health issue.

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Legacy is a naturalistic play, with a fantastical counter reality, investigating the impact of the housing crisis on the mental health of a large demographic – estate residents, private renters and even on those who profit from it  (i.e. private landlords)

Over 50,000 families have been shipped out of London in the past 3 years – a direct result of welfare cuts and soaring private rents. Official figures (published in April 2015) show that councils are currently moving homeless mothers and children out of their boroughs at a rate of close to 500 families each week. That number is increasing.

Our main inspiration is Mary Finch, who, since 2010 has lived in uncertainty since plans to demolish part or all of the Carpenters Estate, where she has lived happily for the past 40 years, were proposed. Since then, she has witnessed the gradual decanting of her neighbours and has been vociferous in the campaign to repopulate the estate. This play is a call to arms.

What to Expect

This is a play reading and will be followed by an informal feedback session.

What people are saying

‘The plight of lower class Londoners was highlighted so well and not in a sensational way. People who live in council houses were shown to be normal! I lived in lots of them and my mum still does. Sometimes she feels stigmatised.’

‘I laughed and smiled throughout and cried at the end. Thank you.’

‘What is happening on the Carpenters Estate since 2008 is all here.’

Why does Rich Mix matter?

‘Rich Mix encourages a diverse and vibrant crowd and is passionate about the relevance of the arts to our community and vice versa.’

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+