Join the LOVE SPACE, where inspirational artists and friends from different ages, backgrounds and performance genres are coming together for a unique event of spoken word, dance and music.

Enjoy the high vibes and exploding poetic talent in London from the likes of award winning Chifa K and Jamal Kahn, as well as African contemporary dancer Denise Rowe, DJs and other special guests.

Conceived and curated by musician, writer and speaker Emma Stow, and hosted by Jerome Harvey-Agyei, radio presenter at Doncity Radio, co-founder of the Tope Project, and speaker from Ted x Croydon, City Hall to Parliament.

This show is for you, life at its deepest and richest and sure to be a night to remember.

See event website below for more details on performers and the LOVE SPACE vision.

Featuring: Jerome Harvey-Agyei, Denise Rowe, Emma Stow, Chifa K, Jamal Khan , Flavio de Marco, Broken Pen and Asim the Poet.