After contributing to British society for many years, like their families before them, black women’s postcolonial experiences and rights to citizenship have often been offensively disregarded.

Despite helping to shape society, these women are often categorised as migrants and pushed to the margins of it.

In these hostile times for immigration, and in the middle of the Windrush debate, six women are rising from the margins to perform the question:

Can an Immigrant, a Woman, a Black Body ever be a full citizen?

A citizenship contest will unfold in front of your eyes! Which of these migrant women will make the most convincing case to win the best citizen award?

As citizenship ceases to be a right and becomes a competition for the most skilled and resourceful, who will you vote for?

After taking part in a research project, six women decided to improvise and devise with live music and spoken word to bring alive their experiences of citizenship.

Audience interventions and a thought-provoking discussion with researchers, communities and artists will follow.

Directed and written by: Erene Kaptani

Produced by University of Greenwich, ESRC/NCRM, PASAR Research and Praxis