One of South Asia’s brightest poets and composers, Kazi Nazrul Islam fights poverty and illness and prejudice to rise as one of the most powerful influencers of the subcontinent of pre–Indian independence and cultural change – only to lose his voice and mental capacity at the age of 40.

His peers Tagore, Atul Prasad, Rajnikant and DL Roy, plus an array of literary and music stalwarts, devastated by this, reminisce and narrate his story from the other side, while actors, musicians, artists, dancers and singers demonstrate his creative works on Earth. Does Kazi Nazrul Islam win or lose against his adversaries?

Brian Maitland, Eric Colvin, Ankit Madira, Wasim Nawaz, Uday Sankar, Mohammed Dip, A Rahman Mir, Sonia Sultana, Laboni Barua, Sharmeen Haque, Salma Alom Aktar and Shan.

Singers & Musicians:
Lucy Rahman, Sunayan Chowdhury, Sajali Roy, Laboni Barua, Salma Alom Akter, Sharmeen Haque, Debashish Mukherjee, Yamin Chowdhury, Mehboob Nadeem, Tanmoy, Nurul Islam, Soaful Uddin, Shiblu Rahman and Nazmoon Tanni.

Director: Piya Mayenin
Music director: Lucy Rahman
Producer: Surbandhan. Supported by Arts Council England.


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