Nowruz, the Persian New Year, welcomes spring with vibrant celebrations – a colourful tapestry of tradition, joy, and the promise of a fresh start.

Featuring performances from Iranian singer-songwriter EMMA and her EDM duo, EXEA. Plus, Tehran-based singer-songwriter Golsa who joins us for her debut London performance. She will be accompanied by Sardar Sarmast, a multi-instrumentalist and a member of the legendary Iranian rock band, 127, along with Reza Farhadi, a respected bass player and producer from Iran.

Iranian-Italian composer and electronic musician Saeed Aman will take you on a journey across Iran with sets inspired by the rich tapestry of Iranian music. Saeed has gained popularity in both the Iranian and Italian communities, co-founding BowLand, and pursuing a successful solo DJ career as well.

The night ends with a set by Azim Fathi, a distinguished Iranian multi-media artist. Fathi’s DJ performances pulse with electronic dance music rhythms, captivating audiences. Through his radio shows, he curates diverse musical genres, from pre-revolutionary Iranian funk and jazz, and hip-hop to afro-funk showcasing his commitment to cultural fusion.

Please note: this is an 18+ event.


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