“Was the juice worth the squeeze?”

Falling for Simmi was so sweet like sugar, until the taste turned bitter. And then there’s Token Toni who loves a bitta bashment and ONLY dates Black/Brown womxn – she ain’t much better. My barber holds the cure to my lesbian urges and straight women are like junk food.

Poetry, movement and original beats underscore this story about learning to accept yourself and saying goodbye to a love turned sour.

Pink Lemonade is Mika’s debut show. It previewed at the Gate Theatre, before premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 where it was featured in The Stage’s 18 best shows of the Fringe.

And What? Are ecstatic to have Pink Lemonade’s first full showing as part of the 2020 programme.

Life frequently gave them lemons but goddam Johnson’s got the juice
The Stage

Purchase in conjunction with And Whats? Dance Double (Eve Stainton + Joao Cidade) for a special price of £16 / £14 (conc.)

Part of And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. Produced by The Queer House

Content Warnings: Strong language, sexual content and reference to hard drug use.

Age guidance: 14+

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