The evening will see the launch of the Al Hudood print newspaper in London with a speech by founder Isam Uraiqat, in addition to featuring a stunning 45-minute musical performance by Jowan Safadi. Safadi is multi-genre musician, singer, songwriter who has become celebrated for his iconic strand of sarcastic protest songs which give his work a rare and revealing edge. Along with his band, they will be performing songs from the new album as well as his classics in a wide range of styles combined under the title Free Arabic Rock.

Bassem Youssef, the Godfather of modern age satire from Egypt, will also be in attendance, making a sharp 15 minute appearance to tickle our funny bones. Youssef has become one of the most influential and poignant satirists and political commentators from the Middle East. Dubbed the Jon Stewart of the Arab world, his witty commentary and famous satirical news TV show El Bernameg has spread far beyond his home country of Egypt.

Please note that although the content of the Al Hudood newspaper is in Arabic, this event will be taking place entirely in English.

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