Creative cat herding with pathological positivity
Sarah Ellis (RSC)

In any creative industry you care to imagine, producers will be dragging projects off the page and into reality. They are everywhere: the glue, the guide, the lightning rod and cattle prod.

Celebrate the producers defying categorisation and leading the charge as art-forms collide. From a diverse range of perspectives, they’ll reveal their tools, techniques, mistakes and what professional development looks like in a changing landscape.

  • Russell McLean – producer of Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch” episode
  • Matt Adams, Blast Theory – They’ve been blowing up artform boundaries for decades
  • Andrea Moccia, Secret Cinema – Pioneers in a mind-bending blend of theatre and film
  • Muki Kulhan – digital exec for music, TV, interactive and immersive
  • Dan Tucker – Curator and producer with 20 years in TV, games and VR
  • JiaXuan Hon – producing where dance and tech collide
  • Tim Wright – BAFTA-winning Head of Immersive at the NFTS

Artful Spark is a creative community exploring cross-discipline collaboration. Previous sell-out events have focussed on wearables, immersive sound, sensors and mixed reality.

Buzzing from Artful Spark last night. OMG what a room full of beautiful, engaging people
Tim Burrell Saward, Speaker- #06