A party, a celebration and a space for co-existence of multi-national queers and their allies to resist your ‘hostile environment’. Deeper Routes dives head-first into nuances of belonging and presence and will see artists, activists and DJs coming to-gether for the first time.


Performances by:
– Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants in collaboration with SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together!
– Istanbul Queers Arts Collective
– Carlos Mauricio Rojas

Installations / Video works by:
– They Are Here
– Thiru Seelan
– Katarzyna Perlak
– Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson ft Nadia Tehra
– Ishimwa Muhimanyi
– Izdehar Afyouni


Performances by:
– SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together!
– Thierry Alexandre
– Whiskey Chow
– Chiyo
– Lucia Pazzini
– Izdehar Afyouni
– Sebastian H-W
– Zayn Phallic (Compère)

Live music:
– DJ Pxssy Palace
– DJ Neiva

Dinner will be served at 8pm – full day ticket holders will be asked for donations only.

Sexuality, Migration and Refuge in the UK: A Cross-generational Dialogue – with special guests Joon Lynn Goh, Thiru Seelan, African Rainbow Family, Shahmir Sanni and Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants

So we want to take space, make room for them to exist without that violence, and to celebrate US in all our intersectional, inter-generational and transnational identities. Because migrants aren’t just one thing, and queers are not just one thing that you can point at us with.

Our identities are an amalgamation of experiences that have everything to do with how we see ourselves in the world. At the QMTs, we try and make a safe space for everyone, so that everyone can feel welcome.

We want difference and otherness, in all its glory, to be celebrated and welcomed. Because feeling welcomed is how people feel liberated, it is the first step towards freedom.‘ QMT

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Suitable for ages 14+