A one-day event celebrating co-existence, and the historical contributions of migrant and refugee artists and contemporary performance makers that are exploring their migrant and queer identities in their art. Deeper Routes is an artistic intervention, a celebration, and a space for co-existence of multi-national queers and their allies who resist today’s ‘hostile’ political environment.

The event dives head-first into nuances of belonging and presence and will see artists, activists and DJs coming together for the first time to explore all of these concepts together.  Conceptualised by performance maker Xavier de Sousa and curator Giulia Casalini, Deeper Routes is a new one-day festival expanding on the previous curatorial intentions of the Queer Migrant Takeover party events.

The day will provide a perfect opportunity for queers and migrants to explore nuances that are very little reflected upon in mainstream cultures, such as the historical queer migrations into London, the differences in experience from different generations of queer migrants and the contemporary challenges of being a citizen of a country that keeps pushing back against you.