Shared Values is a festival of South Asian art music, contemporary, classical & traditional that seeks to showcase the achievements of non-South Asian musicians who have wholeheartedly adopted the aesthetic values of this music and emerged as accomplished performers. We believe that the breadth and depth of these artists’ with their adoptive musical culture can only be put in perspective when they are given an opportunity to share a platform with leading indigenous performers. This is a festival to project that South Asian music is universal, welcoming and inclusive.

Jesse Bannister – Saxophone: Is a truly global artist with an international reputation for original composition, outstanding performance and dynamic delivery.

An intricate and evocative fusion of Jazz and Indian music
Jazz FM

Giuliano Modarelli
– Guitar: His strong compositional style, studious attitude and unique approach to the acoustic guitar through the application of sarod technique has led to collaborations with masters of Hindustani music.

Kash Killion
– Cello/ Double Bass/ Sarangi : is a San Francisco based cellist, bassist, sarangist, vocalist, and composer, who began his professional music career at age ten. Kash is a visionary musician who stretches the boundaries of what one would expect from string instruments.

His passion for world music has kept him exploring different possibilities of combinations of the right vibrations
Sonic Birds

Sanju Sahai
–tabla: An outstanding tabla player with power, virtuosity and complete spontaneity He regularly collaborates with different genres such as Jazz, Egyptian, Flamenco, Opera, Western Classical, hip hop, folk, blues music and the world of contemporary music and dance

Sanju Sahai’s solo tabla performance dazed the audience and carried it to a state of trance…
The Pioneer

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