His music has always been driven by optimism and happiness; it contains melodies that curl through the patterns like vines on a trellis. He has performed throughout the continent of Africa, in Australia, Europe, in the Middle East, in Canada, and of course in the USA. Kanda Bongo Man, the nightingale from Congo, presents an exciting and fast moving show of music and dance. He sometimes breaks the barrier between the audience and the performers to bring people on their feet for a better enjoyment of his performance. Audiences always take home a new dance move every time they go to his shows.

Without a question, Kanda has created a winning Soukous formula that has moved millions of people throughout his career. He is, according to his fans, an icon, the one who brought Soukous to them.

If Kanda Bongo Man doesn’t make you want to dance, call an ambulance! His followers would say “you’re dead”.

London Soukous Music Festival / @SoukousFestival 

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