See Jelena Petosevic, also known as Lady Jelena, perform the songs Nikola, Watermelon Love and Slatka Mala, that paved her way into the music scene of the Balkans.

Her repertoire is made up of Jazz-Pop rhythms and songs from old animated films as well as her interpretations of other songs.

While Lady Jelena keeps a simple rhythm on guitar or ukulele, Andrej Martinovic backs it up with joyful solos and complicated keyboard harmonies.

Nina Romic, a pop singer from Zagreb, Croatia, will also be playing live. She published 4 albums, including Daljine, and Stablo, and her music was nominated for the Impala Award European Independent Album for 2014, and Porin Award for Best Christmas Album.

She is a spirited performer with powerful vocals. She will be joined on stage by an accordion player.

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Suitable for ages 16+