Southeast European Future Festival (SEFF) brings the best of post-Yugoslav culture, photography and documentary film to Shoreditch. This will be a two-day celebration of creativity and music history; you can expect talks, film screenings and an all-female photography exhibition.

29th AUG – 15TH SEP

Perspectives: Photography Storytelling.

Photography Exhibition on the Mezzanine Gallery



Southeast European Future Festival commences with the screening of two remarkable documentary films: ‘IKEA for YU’ by Marija RatkovicVidakovic (at 1pm) and ‘Occupied Cinema’ by Senka Domanovic(at 2.30pm) who won the best prize of the Belgrade Documentary Festival in March.

The program continues with a panel discussion ‘What is Yugoslavia to You?’ which will explore questions of post-Yugoslav identity (4.30pm).

At 7pm, Mil Vukovic-Smart will perform her reading act ‘I Think of You’ based on letters from youths in Western Europe sent to a teenage girl in the former Yugoslavia during summer holidays in the 1980s. Through a collage of intimate longings and social concerns, the act offers a view of the Yugoslav past as a promised future.

At 8pm, SEFF brings you a feel-good film about the golden boy of Yugoslav music history – Vlada Divljan. The documentary involves music performances and acted segments about Divljan’s life. Due to demand, the film will also be screened on Sunday at 12pm.


SUN 15th SEP

At 2.30pm, one can see an American documentary made by Robert Adanto about infamous Serbian performance artist Marta Jovanovic and her decision to choose art over marriage and abuse.

From 4pm we will host a talk with female documentary photographers participating in the exhibition ‘Perspectives: Photography Storytelling’ which takes place in the Mezzanine Gallery, from 29 AUG to 15 SEP.

At 6pm, we will be showing the award-winning documentary ‘Naked Island’ by Tiha K. Gudac. The film is an investigation built upon the ruins of the past, a mosaic made of clues – family photos and intimate testimonies of a tight-knit groups of people who were brought together by the same place, an island of broken souls, and consequences that this place left on three generations.

At 8pm, another documentary will be screened – Sundance’s Winner ‘Honeyland’ by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov. It is about a woman who uses ancient beekeeping traditions to cultivate honey in the mountains of Macedonia. When a neighbouring family tries to do the same, it becomes a source of tension as they disregard her wisdom and advice.

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