When the Sovereign is sick, the land is sick. When the Sovereign is healthy, the land is healthy… Iron fists, disguised monarchs, gentle rulers, young pretenders all fall under the spotlight. After all, wouldn’t all our inner kingdoms benefit from a little maintenance?!

Welcome to the Crick Crack Club’s alternative Tarot! From flawed epic heroes, the petulant pantheons of myth and the masks of the fairytale mysteries, to the tropes of Hollywood Blockbusters and the journalistic glamory of the news – we’re surrounded by archetypes and their shadows. By definition they’re clichés and we need them to make stories work!

Clare Murphy, Jan Blake, Jordan Campbell and Ben Haggarty, deal the 5th card of our alternative tarot and ask where the authority lies. Polish your crowns and prepare to humble hubris!

Bloody brilliant!
Time Out


Suitable for ages 14+

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