North African live music showcase.


Fuelled by the creative fire Mehdi Haddab, Speed Caravan is the Paris-based quartet charged towards a psychedelic horizon. Taking traditional Algerian influences and the unique appeal of Raï genre, the band rips through unstoppable electronic beats, grooves and raw rock energy.



Producer and multi-instrumentalist Ghoula creates genre-defying sets of North African multimedia heritage. Digging up vinyls from flea markets and old Tunisian medinas, he brings back vestiges of forgotten music and kiKitsch visuals and creating genre-defying sets through both acoustics and samples…all cooked on top of contemporary upbeat dance rhythms.



Led by Moroccan Gnawa artist and award-winning ambassador for Gnawa music Simo Lagnawi, the band pays its own unique tribute to North Africa’s most prolific musical tradition and sacred trance music. His solo debut album ‘Gnawa London’ was featured in Songlines magazine on ‘Top of the World Albums’. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to the genre, Gnawa London is a force to be reckoned with.



With a variety of influences reimagined and fused, Speed Caravan’s work is innovative and experimental-similar to the style of my architecture. In the same way, I’m Iraqi; I live in London, I don’t really have a particular place, and I think for those in this situation, you either have to reinvent yourself, or your world
Zaha Hadid / Architect


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