We are living through tumultuous times – how should theatre respond? We want to scratch the plays a company like ours – a diverse, cutting edge touring theatre company of 29 years – should be producing. We have our ideas but we want to hear yours. So, rather than select plays around a theme that we have set, for our latest scratch night, the floor is yours!

Over 70 artists submitted their plays and after a very competitive selection process, we have narrowed this down to the four gripping short plays we will present, including:

Melt by Dray K

Directed by Malakaï Sargeant


Jay Sheena Bhattessa

Karla Hussina Raja


#PersianGirls by Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi 

Directed by Sita Thomas


Elaheh Sheena Bhattessa

Nahid Hussina Raja

Dariush Maanuv Thiara


The Long Way Home by Lakshnie Hettihewa-Young

Directed by Malakaï Sargeant


Y Sheena Bhattessa

M Hussina Raja


The Estate by Shaan Kaur Sahota

Directed by Sita Thomas


Kirpal Sheena Bhattessa

Tara Hussina Raja

Angad Maanuv Thiara

Presenter Chris Clynes


Grab your chance to see bold new work in development on stage, followed by a Q&A with the writers.

http://www.tamasha.org.uk@tamashatheatre / tamashatheatre@tamashatheatre

Photo credit: Bettina Adela