The finest interpreter of Hindustani classical music in the West, Srimati Srimati Chandra Chakraborty is bringing this unique festival that reveals the beauty of the spiritual relationship between Guru (teacher) and disciples in traditional Indian culture. Curated by Ahmed Kaysher, the session features the unique teaching of Kirana Gharana (school of Indian classical music) through talks and intriguing performance of Hindustani classical music, dance and devotional verses of poetry from around the globe.

A not-to-be missed free event for all that explores the extra-ordinary teaching of devotion originated and practised from ancient time in India through talks, sublime performances of poetry, dance and Indian classical music.

Saudha is one of the leading Indian classical music promoters in the country
BBC Radio, Wimbledon Guardian
The post-modern idea and presentation of Indian classical music by Saudha is truly hypnotic
Yorkshire Evening Post