The Moth StorySLAM is a community-focused, open-mic storytelling competition in which anyone can share a five-minute story on the night’s theme. This month’s theme…

Prepare a five-minute story about willpower. Tell us of your iron or paper thin resolve. Battles with fidelity, smoking, loving, shopping or all of the above. Resisting the urge to check Instagram, read your lover’s diary or sleep in. Self control and other epic internal struggles. Caving to impulses or holding strong, the itch you just can’t help but scratch!

How it works:
7.15pm – Doors open. Have another chance to sign up to tell a story, volunteer to be on a judging team or just sit back and listen.

8pm – The first name is picked and the show will begin. Each teller will have five minutes to tell their tale. After each story, the judges confer, and give a score. The teller with the highest score becomes the StorySLAM winner. The winner will compete with the year’s other winners in the next GrandSLAM Championship.

Be Forewarned:
The Moth is for TRUE STORIES. OK, there won’t be a fact-checker there, and the FBI probably won’t dig into your files to verify the names and dates and places, but please know, emphatically, The Moth is not for fiction stories. The tiny fictions and lies we tell ourselves ARE part of our ‘true stories’ but fabricated people, places or events are not allowed. The Moth is NOT a venue for readings; it is a venue for tellings. No notes, papers, or cheat sheets allowed. Contestants are judged on sticking to the five-minute time frame, sticking to the theme and having a story that sticks.

Story tips: No standup routines please! The Moth LOVES funny people but requires that all funny people tell funny STORIES. Steer clear of meandering endings – your last line should be clear in your head. Start in the action and set up the stakes.


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