Two men, alone in the half-light of a private home. But whose home is it, and what’s their story? Are they friends or neighbours, brothers or lovers?

As they connect across a sparsely furnished room, their relationship seems confrontational yet warm, tender yet poisoned. Are we watching their memories of a fading past or their dreams for a brighter future?

They Live Next Door cuts open the twin veins of affection and dysfunction that run through male relationships today.

A rich and gripping piece of physical theatre by Vilnius-born, London-based choreographer Ieva Kuniskis that sold out its only previous London staging, this one-off performance is part of our weekend of contemporary arts and culture from Lithuania.

Compelling dance drama full of contrasts – playful, aggressive; tender & harsh – excellent & intimate two-hander
Graham Watts
The range of emotions packed into They Live Next Door was incredible, very raw and engaging – and the music was wonderful
Audience member | @ievakuniskis | @ieva_kuniskis_choreographer