Walls is an atmospheric and immersive microcosm. Chloe Wing’s songs and paper cutting installations depict psychological cages that are confessional like a diary. They deal with themes such as self-consciousness, anxiety, alienation, frustration, the psyche and memory. Cut out installations contain hidden thoughts, and veils obscure the human physicality in order to create a space where music and words are at the forefront.

Community is a place where we feel we need to belong. Where age, gender, identity, ethnicity and appearance play a huge part in our everyday views, judgments and interactions. These classifications can be uninformative and segregating. Wing’s works are humane, cathartic and psychosocial, highlighting the influence of history and conventions upon the mind and emotional/ mental health.

The Ingram Collection Paper Cage has been kindly lent by The Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art


Wing’s art works best when it is dark, surreal and delicate and I have a real weakness for art like that!
Chris Ingram, The Ingram Collection

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