In the run-up to the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, Azzedine Nouiri, the world champion in seated shot put, inspires his childhood friend Youssef to take on the challenge of qualifying to the Games despite their lack of means and formal training. Through their uniquely moving and tight companionship, We Could Be Heroes narrates the struggles of disabled outcasts longing to conquer the extraordinary in order to finally have the same rights and opportunities as ordinary men back home in Morocco.


About the Director:

Born in Casablanca, Hind Bensari grew up in London before quitting her job in an investment fund to move back to Morocco to produce and direct her first documentary, ‘475: Break the Silence’ (2014). Entirely crowd-funded, the film became an Internet sensation, winning critical acclaim from The New York Times and ARD as well as being distributed on international channels.


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