Sudanese-Italian singer Amira Kheir (‘The diva of the Sudanese desert’ – BBC World News), has been trail-blazing her way through the world music and jazz scenes of London, defying categorisation.

Her music draws from traditional Sudanese music, entrenched in frenzied East African polyrhythms, pentatonic scales, and ancient mystical Nubian and Niolitic melodies, while being strongly anchored in experimental jazz, neo-soul and vast electric desert blues.

Yara Lapidus has a voice from the land of the Cedar – deep, velvety, and made of a grain as soft as an embrace. When the great composer and producer, Gabriel Yared (The English Patient) met Yara in 2012, he was enthralled by her unique vocal timbre.

Two years of writing, followed by recording sessions at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, London lead the two artists to the album Indéfiniment.

There is nothing indefinite about this production, but there is the meticulous and magical precision of a craftsman of music and sound, combined with a voice, like a siren. / / @yara_lapidus

Suitable for ages 16+