Mindfulness Keys to Resilience – The Dragon Way.

Drawing on both her clinical psychology and neuroscience knowledge, Dr Tamara Russell will teach a mindfulness technique for self care, wellbeing and resilience.

Tamara will introduce the Dragon Method, a fun and effective way of addressing our three mind modes (Green – relaxed; Blue – driven; Red – triggered). Find out how to feed your Green dragon, the one that activates your natural self-soothing and healing capabilities, and how to drive your Blue dragon – so you can find, test and explore different ways to increase your productivity. Learn to understand and accept your Red dragon, the energy that emerges in body and mind when we do something new, changing habits or when we are feeling psychologically or physically threatened. We all have dragons and need help to work with them skilfully so we can manage the Red dragon, direct our Blue one wisely and activate our Green dragon.

You will learn:

  • the neuroscience of emotional resilience
  • the language of the three dragons (red, green and blue)
  • a simple tool to monitor your dragons, especially during challenging times
  • how to implement healthy mind habits in your daily life
  • a simple mindfulness technique that does wonders for your mental health and ability to focus (Body Scan).

This free session will take place online, so make sure you have a laptop, phone or tablet with a good internet connection.