Where were you in the 90s? Who was your favourite artist, genre, or clothing brand? Whether you were alive in the 90s or not, this decade has gone on to shape many of the music, fashion and cultural trends that remain popular today. And no wonder we’re nostalgic: With the World Wide Web invented in 1989, the technology introduced in the following ten years has gone on to change almost every aspect of the daily lives we now lead.

As part of this year’s Rich Mix New Creatives project, our group of young people created a documentary exploring the links between the fashion, music and culture of the 1990s and now – with additional contributions from professional creatives and our own staff team.

Grab a seat and hit play to listen to their reflections, and see what it prompts you to think about with your own memories from those years – or from what your family and friends remember.

Created by Rich Mix New Creatives:

Lanika Burnett, Abby Daley, Demi Ruffell, Kaine Hamilton Mills, Andrea Main Vergas, Joseph Abraham Baugh, Elyssa Dela Cruz

Directed by: Joseph Abraham Baugh

Co-Directed by: Elyssa Dela Cruz

Written by: Joseph Abraham Baugh, Elyssa Dela Cruz, Andrea Main Vergas

Edited by: Emil Socialize

Cinematography: Daniel Bailey

Produced by: Chia Phoenix, Taniqua Hosten-Sandy

Production Assistants: Lanika Burnett, Abby Daley, Demi Ruffell

Work Experience: Freya Chambers.

Contributors: Daniel Bailey, Franklin Boateng, Alex Brown, Max Dickter, Jack Edwards, Mr Gee, Judith Kilvington, Martha Rumney, Selma Willcocks.

Rich Mix New Creatives is supported by Backstage Trust, Mayor of London’s Young Londoner’s Fund, Margaret Killbery Foundation, Allan Charitable Trust.

Curious about the creative industries? Ready to try something new?

Rich Mix New Creatives is a programme for 16- 24 year-olds who are not currently in full-time employment or education.

Join us for a taster session to find out more on Thu 15 Sep, 4–6pm, simply RSVP to chia.phoenix@richmix.org.uk.