Rich Mix New Creatives is a programme for young people aged 16-21 who do not know what their next steps are post-COVID and would benefit from creative connections with a positive peer group.

Led by experienced artist tutors, it is a part-time programme run by the Rich Mix team, supporting young people to:

  • Discover and develop creative skills and interests
  • Gain a deeper understanding of working in different creative industries
  • Access a wide range of exciting work placements (wages and travel for young people funded by Rich Mix)
  • Take over Rich Mix and create their own festival


There are three ways to engage with New Creatives as a work placement partner/host. If you would like to be involved, please let us know by 31 Jul 2021.

Give an inspiring talk 
Send someone from your team to take part in a ‘Takeover Tuesday’, our summer series of talks about careers in the creative industries (2 – 4pm, Tuesdays from 20 Jul – 31 Aug).

Introduce a group to your organisation
Invite a small group of young people to your organisation during our placement scheme in September. Collaborate as a company to share insights and give them a window into your world and how it works.

These sessions could be a single day or up to five days, depending on your offer – details of the placement offer will be agreed with you in advance. Young people taking part are paid a wage and have their travel covered, funded through Rich Mix.

Host a three-week work placement
If you are ready to bring a young person into your team and involve them in meaningful tasks and activities, then we can work to match you with the right New Creative who has shown an interest in your area of the creative industries.

A plan for the three weeks will be agreed with you in advance. Young people taking part are paid a wage and have their travel covered, funded through Rich Mix.

If you have capacity for more than one work placement, please let us know.



Our programme is designed to introduce young people to the widest possible range of roles within the creative industries. We are open to all kinds of companies getting involved as placement hosts.

There are three primary strands that we are offering our young people. They are:

Anything sound related. This might include (but is not limited to):

  • Music production
  • Podcasts
  • Live sound for venues
  • Agencies and management
  • Sound design for TV/film/theatre etc

All things related to the eye. For example:

  • Graphic design
  • Online/app creation
  • Photography
  • Camera for film/TV/advertising
  • Lighting for editorial/theatre etc

Everything about ideas. This could be:

  • Writing and script development
  • Programming and producing events
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Creative agencies and branding
  • Marketing and promotion



Whether your organisation fits into one or more of these strands, or even does something

completely different within the creative industries, we would love to connect. Even if you can’t spare the time right now, there are ways you can support the programme into the future through sponsorship, making a donation or making an introduction to a friend or colleague who might be interested.

Get in touch to discuss your work and how you can help open the door for the next generation.

Chia Phoenix, New Creatives Co-Director:

Alex Brown, New Creatives Co-Director:


Rich Mix New Creatives is funded through support from The Mayor’s Young Londoner’s Fund, The Allen Lane Foundation and Margaret Killbery Foundation.