Rich Mix New Creatives is back for its seventh edition.

New Creatives is a nine-month programme (Apr – Dec 2021) of intensive coaching and personal development,  creative skills support and development, and hands-on paid work experience of the creative sector working alongside the team at Rich Mix. The programme is open to  Tower Hamlets-based young people aged 16-18 who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

Whilst the creative sector is growing faster than any other sector in the UK economy (providing one in six jobs in London), we know that not everyone is able to access employment opportunities. We believe creativity and access to culture can be transformational so by working with Grit, experts in working with young people, we have tailored our New Creatives programme to support those who face some of the most barriers. 

Programme Details 

Between Apr – Dec 2021 the programme will cover the following areas:   

  • Personal development with coaches  
  • Leadership and careers in the arts   
  • Developing your artistic practice   
  • Gaining paid practical experience of working in the arts (Jun – Dec 2021 

Participants will attend workshops, talks, shows, meet inspiring artists, industry mentors and Rich Mix staff. As a collective, they will design and produce their own event during our TAKEOVER Festival in Dec 2021.  

In addition to this each participant will get a chance to  gain a Bronze Arts Award qualification and there will be a selection process to allocate three-week paid work placements. 

aan adult that wants to make a difference – how do I get involved? 

As Volunteer Life Coach: 

  • You will be fully trained to support a young person throughout the programme through fortnightly 1:1s with your young person and monthly group catch ups coaches. 
  • We are looking for adults who have the enthusiasm, commitment and time to make it happen. You do not need any specific skills or previous experience.  You will participate in a training package designed and delivered by some of the best trainers in the field of personal and professional development. 

As Recruitment Partner: 

You can help us by referring young people in Tower Hamlets you work with to take part in the programme. 

As Work Placement Host:

  • Are you a creative business or organisation wanting to make a real difference? We are looking for 15-day work placement hosts between Jul – Dec 2021.

As Creative Industry Mentor:

  • Share your professional experience and practical advice about starting out in the creative industries during one or more Masterclasses supported by Rich Mix.   

I am a young person based in Tower Hamlets, how do I get involved? 

Rich Mix New Creatives 2021 is open for enquiries.

To be eligible you need to: 

  • be age 16, 17 or 18 years old in Apr 2021 
  • live in Tower Hamlets, London 
  • not currently be in education, employment or training  

If you are keen to be involved, have any questions or would like the above information in another format please email Rich Mix New Creatives Co-Director’s Chia Phoenix at and Alex Brown at