These moving image works by queer Southeast and East Asian filmmakers deal with issues ranging from the Anthropocene, queer identity in late 90s Hong Kong, the effects of European colonialism, and beyond.

Followed by an in-person Q&A with filmmaker Chooc Ly Tan and artist-curator April Lin.

A Room of Oblivion – dir. Dorothy Cheung

An experimental reflection on the notion of queer memories — and its failures.

Social Dance – dir. Aya Momose

Based on an interview with a Deaf female dancer, this re-enaction depicts the discrepancies present in the visual mode of communication that is sign language.

Resolving ‘Your Biggest Fan’ – dir. Stef Aranas

Stuck in Manila’s lockdown, Stef Aranas ruminates about her lost thesis film and her identity as a transgender artist in the Philippines.

Eye Your Ear – dir. Jeanne Penjan Lassus

A young Deaf woman tells us of her first experience going to the cinema, ensuing a poetic exploration of Thai Sign Language and its imagined affinities with film.

Differences Do Matter – dir. Anson Mak

A poetic investigation of the notion of differences and the impossibilities of clearly stating the importance of differences, whether between sound/image, sexual identity, or self-representation/representation by mass media.

Sunu Jappo / 手拉手 / Hand in Hand – dir. Ming Wong

A video-poem made by the artist from a two week sojourn in Dakar, recalling the role and the legacy of the ethnographic filmmaker, and questioning the ramification of Chinese soft power on the African continent.

Crespuscular Dreams of (Dis-)Alienation – dir. Chooc Ly Tan

Tracing a diaspora across Paris, Algeria, Reykjavik, the Congo, Cambodia and Dublin, this audio-visual collage critically reflects on present day considerations from the position of those whose parents and grandparents directly experienced the colonial exploits of various European imperialisms.

Where Do We Go From Here? – dir. Piyarat Piyapongwiwat

A pilgrimage around the planetary crisis – from lichen, human organs, the very first emergence of Coronavirus and its aftermath, child labour in a mica mine in India, offshore and steel industries, and an internment camp of Uighurs in China.

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