Shades – Marian Edusei (short)
Shades interrogates how institutional and structural racism have influenced Black people and our understanding of Black identity. In this short, impactful film, we explore diversity of thought within Black culture, touching on universal themes pertaining to the Black western experience. The themes will encourage Black people living in the West to reflect inwardly and address the conditioned ideas and attitudes we hold towards ourselves.

In this film, we hear raw and uncensored beliefs that touch on some of the most contentious issues affecting Black people today. As well as hearing about the dangers of skin lightening and the negative impact of drill music, we hear opposing arguments from those who think differently; whilst grasping the underlying reasons as to why those thoughts have proliferated in the first place. The opinions in the film are explored through pre-recorded soundbites from vloggers and race commentators, which plays against a backdrop of striking profile images, centring Black people.

Verified – Toniche Wallace (short)
A struggling recent university graduate quickly gets wrapped up in a social media frenzy, leaving her battling her morals, career choice and ongoing peer pressure, plus aiming to please her hard-headed traditional African father.

The Last Days – Dipo Baruwa-Etti (short)
In a near-future world where you can discover your Death Day, an apolitical woman (Bridgerton‘s Adjoa Andoh) learns that she and many Black people have been given incorrect dates and seeks justice before her time runs out – that same day.

Fenom – Kayla Johnson (feature documentary)
High school senior Flau Jae Johnson is destined to be the next big star. While the Georgia native and LSU commit has become one of the nation’s top basketball recruits, she’s also a rapper under Jay Z’s label, living out her late father’s dream. As Flau Jae closes out her senior year, follow her journey to fulfilling both of her destinies and securing her path to greatness. A story of legacy, victory, and the pursuit of what’s already yours. Executive produced by WNBA legend Sue Bird in association with TOGETHXR.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.

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