Always – Diamond Alonzo Batiste (short)
After his wife experiences several miscarriages, devoted husband Kevin struggles with making her happy and must a find a way to keep his marriage intact.

Cupids – Zoey Martinson (short)
What is the most important thing on the last day of school before summer break? Well, if you’re Mia, Natalie and Jabari, you frantically search for a date for Ms. Cheryl, the most beloved bus driver of all time! As they race against time before their stop, these eight year-olds burst into action to find a match-up for her with the people that have made the biggest impact on their lives.

From the Bodega man with all the meats to their principal, nobody is off limits! This love letter to New York’s essential workers captures the comic whimsy of a child’s imagination as they try to save Ms. Cheryl from a lonely summer.

Black Daddy: The Movie – Damon Jamal Taylor (feature)
A passion project covering a space that is often overlooked – Black fatherhood – with unadulterated storytelling from the Black father’s point of view. The film follows the lives of a few like-minded men as they told compelling stories of the joy, pain and the complexity of what it means to be a Black father in America, and the assumptions that Black fathers are often not in their children’s lives. Featuring original music by Dame Drummer and new music in collaboration with Oakland-based musicians Mike Blankenship, Kev Choice, Karega Bailey, Ryan Austin and more.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.

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